Autoart 964RS – more pictures

Thought I’d add a few more pictures of the model. It now has my number plates and a few more specific details.


American Carrera Cup 1992

The one that got away! Built for the cup series that never was, 45 standard RS’s but with US safety equipment were shipped to Andial in the USA.  Andial undertook to bring the cars up to race spec, but whilst this was underway the series was cancelled. Andial then undertook the conversion of these cars to road use.  In the end some 25 cars were converted to comply with US traffic regulations.

The cars were oroginally shipped to the US in a form that enabled them to comply with US Traffic regulations with the following:

Aluminium bonnet

Sound proofing and underseal deleted

Steel gear syncro rings

Revised struts and spring rates

Manual steering

Recalibrated brakes

Electrics Kill switch in the luggage compartment;

Partial electric Carrera Seats

No rear seats

No sunroof or a/c

Smaller battery/alternator

Race spec engine mounts

Adjustable anti roll bars

Seam welding

Engine rated at 256bhp.

So nearly an RS but slightly different to any of the European RS’s!

On arrival at Andial the cars were to be converted to race spec. as  follows:

Full roll cage Cup spec springs and dampers
Std seats replaced with a single Recaro Six point harness
Interior trim removed Front strut brace added
ABS on/off switch added Rear brake pressure regulator removed
Drivers window net installed Race exhaust fitted
Heater blower removed External electrical cut out fitted
Horns relocated Sintered clutch plate fitted
Studs drilled to accept non-tamper seals Front oil cooler fan removed

This was over 100 hours work per car for Andial.  Because of the cost involved convertion of the cars before and after export the price of the cars to competitors didn’t look particularly attractive. As a result Porsche found it hard to generate any real interest.  Who knows how much effort went into attracting additional sponsors to try and defray these costs  but with the short timescales involved it would certainly have been difficult.

Toyo were to sponsor the series.  Little heard of in Europe at the time, they contracted to supply their F1-SR, a z rated road tyre with racing compound.  How good this woulkd have been we don’t know but the later Toyo R888 has now become a favourite tyre with the 964RS community.

Autoart 964RS

I’ve more or less avoided collecting model cars. A mis-spent youth making plastic kits was a warning as to how easy it would be to get deep into this particular form of automotive addiction. More recently the fact that there were no RS models – just lots of 964 Cup cars.  Now I succumbed to half a dozen of these but didn’t get hooked. Then, very recently Spark (I think) brought out a 1:43 RS – very tempting! But just before Christmas Autoart released a 1:18th scale model, in four colours and most importantly in Guards Red. That was it – Santa was instructed to get one of these to the Hills of South Shropshire asap. It arrived just before Christmas from Grand Prix Legends

Modestly priced by some standards, at just under £100 this was vastly more than I’d ever spent on a model, but I can honestly say I’m not disappointed.

The detail is good, the interior particularly so. I was expecting a few errors but so far the only real disappointment is the front trunk space – which looks trimmed and the wrong shape. However, I’ll keep the front lid closed and delight in some of the things they got right: the asymmetric mirrors the door and seat detail, engine stickers and correct wheel/brake details.

A few things I’ll do to personalise it, correct number plates, black not silver exhaust tip and black not silver surround to the centre console switches.

Hats off to Rick Pearson!

These 964RS owners are a pretty special lot and get involved in a whole range of petrol fuelled fun and games but occasionally somebody comes along a pushes the envelope! Step forward Rick.

With an entry in the Tunisian Classic Rally but a shortage of rally car Rick pressed the RS into service.

Now when the RS was launched the gentleman of the press tended to think it was to hard riding for the road, only appropriate for smooth race tracks. This obviously didn’t deter Rick – or his wife who accompanied him. The completed the event and the car never missed a beat.

For the full story go to

Twentieth Anniversary Update

Things are definitely happening!  Current plans are focused on two days of on track activities at Abbeville on June 15th, 16th and then some touring activities taking in the Sclumpf and Porsche museums .

The 964 Register has teamed up with Easytrack to run the trackday part of the festivities at Abbeville. More details to follow – or check out the PCGB 964RS forum.

Twentieth Anniversary

Belive it or not, next year will be the 20th anniversary of the launch of the 964 RS.

Ideas are circulating within the 964 RS register to make sure we mark this occasion in a fitting manner.

‘The Book’ was released to coincide with the 15th anniversary – that and a cake at the Silverstone meeting was about it. Twenty years is a bit more of a milestone so something rather more is called for.

Whatever the celebrations, a re-release of  ‘The Book’ is planned; revised, expanded and hopefully with colour and hardback binding. There’s also the possibility of something else rather special, more news as things get firmed up.

964 RS Market Report

The need to get the car valued for insurance purposes prompted me to have a look at what’s currently for sale and at what price.

Now any review of car values needs a note of caution somewhere – to the effect that asking or advertised price and the actual sale price are not always related. Furthermore valuation for insurance needs to reflect the cost of work and the fact that some parts are now only available secondhand – NOS if your lucky.

You have been warned. Do not assume cars can always be bought or sold for the prices quoted here!

Ok, there are currently not that many cars on the market –Europe seems to have slowed somewhat due to general Euro worries but there are a few notables in the uk.

Pride of place probably has to go to the RHD lightweight at Cotswold Motor Group, with less than 3000miles on the clock.. It certainly looks good but is it worth £120,000? I’ll leave you to decide.

For myself I have two reservations about very low mileage cars, regardless of price.

First unless your going to lock it away entirely – which is a shame you feel a bit guilty about using such an ‘unused’ example. Secondly, it’s an 18 year old car with 18 year old seals etc – start giving it serious use and some rapid deterioration is probably to be expected.

So, probably one for the serious collector.

What else? A RHD lightweight in ‘monkey bum’ red with 70k miles at £500 under £70k. Said to be ex Porsche GB. If this really is the road test car J365 SMO  then it’s the subject of at least 7 magazine road tests. Presumably, it’s lead a quieter life in recent years – hence the reasonable mileage figure.

A search on throws up 41 cars, including cup cars, replicas and look-alikes.

Clubsports seem to be more plentiful than lightweights at present.  Thomas Schmidt still has a number of remarkable low mileage or special cars but there currently aren’t that many cars out there. This is not unusual, spring and autumn tend to be the main selling times but the worlds financial problems are probably contributing.

The market does seem to have softened slightly – the exceptional cars are still rising but good average cars are available for prices pretty close to last year. I’m going to keep an eye on this to see if things start to move again by the autumn.