The Carrera RS lightweight, Touring, and N/GT

These are the standard’ 964 RS models, built for model-year 1992 and its two options M002 (Touring) and M003 (N/GT or sometimes called the clubsport).

These three variations of the RS, externally the same but differing in levels of trim and equipment. In the case of the Touring, body modifications apart, these were essentially Carrera 2’s with the RS engine, gearbox, suspension and wheels.  There were very few of these cars  built and certainly all the UK cars (7?)  vary in specification.  Sometimes viewed as a bit of an abberation (one dealer told me they were “neither fish nor fowl”) they should perhaps be seen as a ‘hard edged’  Carrera 2. The lightweight was the ‘standard’ RS, most common variant these really do tread the line between track and road – not perfect on either perhaps but the supreme all-rounder. The N/GT’s were further stripped out with all carpets and sound proofing removed. Front carpets were replaces with plywood foot boards, a full welded cage was fitted, seats were Nomex covered rather than leather, additions were long range fuel tank, plumbed in fire extinguisher, external cut off and fire extinguisher release and a relocated DME. Harder and more track focused these were the great clubmans racers and still running in events like the Nurburgring 24Hr.

A mint Green N/GT

A mint Green N/GT


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