Loosing the best spectator cicuit in the UK

Make a note in your diary, September 5th/6th. That’s going to be your last chance to go to Donington Park in it’s present form. No more driving to the infield, no more sitting on the bank looking across Craner Curves, the old hairpin and up through Mcleans – right to the entry for Coppice if your in the right place. But there will be a shiny new GP circuit predending to enhance the old track.

Mind you If the organisers do what they say it could well be very difficult to get there by car or bike, (are they really going to make everybody go by bus). Mind you spectators will probably be so far back from the track they’ll be back at the airport anyway.

And why should this be? If it was good enough for Seaman and Nouvolari in the ’30’s(ok not quite the same circuit but close) and for Senna in the pouring rain – why does it need improving, for the current crop of F1 ‘stars’? Of course it looks like a race circuit at the moment – not a money making machine.

Like I say go to See Red on the 5/6th september, give thanks for the years we’ve had it back and for the vision of Tom Wheatcroft in returning it from an army dump – then go home, buy big TV if F1’s your thing – they’re trying to make it all the same anyway and they don’t really want actual fans cluttering up the circuit – only the corporate hospitality lot!

But if you still must go to the racing (bike or car), find your way to Oulton or Cadwell Park, for the time being they’re still in business, still the real deal!


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