911Carrera 2 Cup – 1990

Beginning in 1989, the first Cup-Carrera was built by Porsche Motorsport based on the Carrera 2. For the 1990 racing season, this 911 Carrera 2 Cup would replace the front engine 944 Turbo that had so successfully begun Porsches single model race series. These cars featured a blue printed engine with modified chip to give 265 bhp (195 kW) at 6,100 revs. Maximum revs are 6,800. The 15 hp power increase compared to the production version was modest. This engine was coupled to a five-speed gearbox with reduced third, fourth and fifth gear and a 40% locking differential. Riding 55 millimetres lower than the Carrera, stiffer and shorter springs, Uniball top mounts and adjustable anti-roll bars ensured racing-like precision. The steering was more direct and, like all its successors up to the 911 Cup 3.8, there was no power assistance. Large-sized, ventilated and cross-drilled brake discs and bigger calipers, together with a production ABS that has been adapted for competition purposes, ensured race adequate braking power. An aluminium safety cell, replaced by a welded steel cage for 1992, protected the driver and, together with a front strut bar, increased the car’s stiffness. Porsche quoted the weight of the first Cup-Carrera as 1,120 kg. an amazing 235kg lighter than its donor. Visually the car is easily identified by the new ‘cup’ wheels, one-piece 17” alloys of 8 and 9.5” x 17 and early fared in mirrors. Two cars were built with Tiptronic transmissions one featuring in an article in Christophorus issue 226 (sept 1990) by Walter Röhrl.

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