Seats – your contact point!

Those looking to build replicas often ask where you can get the correct Recaro seats from. Unfortunately the proper seats for the 964 RS or NGT are no longer available new and nothing currently for sale from Recaro is identical. You should also be aware the originally NGT seats were trimmed in Nomex and were 30mm narrower than the standard RS leather seat.

Recaro currently produce the  Pole Position and SPG seats which are close but both differ from correct RS items. The Pole Position has  less ribbing on the seat back and the top of seat head rest is curved instead of flat .The  SPG is correct on the seat head rest top and has almost identical ribbing, however the harness hole bezels are different and the raised lump on the shell through the main curve on the side of the seat is different. Also, it’s not immediately obvious but the 993RS seats are different again! These have a sprung base and a different reinforcement pattern on the seat shell.

Neither RS seat is currently manufactured so if you’ve got them  – sit on them the prices are rising. Here’s a thought I’ve always assumed the optional bucket seats in the 964 Speedster were 964RS ones – but I wonder.


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