Comparison Charts

After a few folk have pointed out errors I’ve done a bit more digging, also reformatted the tables to split between Production and racecars.

variants_prod  This covers the RS ,  Touring and N/GT together with the 3.8 RS and the RS America

variants_race  This covers the Cup cars 3.8 RSR and the C4 Lightweight

Hopefully it’s more accurate and provides a bit more information – to be honest it’s still work in progress, the more I find the more gaps there seem to be!

Please, if there are still errors or omissions get in touch.


2 responses to “Comparison Charts

  1. Klaus van Bellen

    Greetings from Germany,

    had a look at the comparison chart 1, which also covers the N/GT. As far as I know the chassis numbers stated belong to the RSR 3.8 series, built in model year 1993. My 92 N/GT carries the chassis numer zNS499…


  2. Dank Klaus, will update.

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