Magazine Articles

As with all Porsches there are plenty of magazines articles reviewing, comparing the RS and providing good and bad buyers advice. This is a list of many of the articles published when the car was launched and in the first couple of years of its life. Most are available either from the publishers as back issues or from Ebay or autojumbles.

Date Magazine Article
Mar-90 rallye racing Tracktest Carrera Cup
Apr-90 sport auto Tracktest Carrera Cup and 944 Turbo Cup
Jun-90 Excellence Carrera 2 Cup Racer
Sep-90 Christophorus Review tiptronic Cup car
Dec-90 Christophorus The Sprinter
Mar-91 Flat 6 Premiere presentation (epuise)
Apr-91 Christophorus Consequent about sportscar construction
May-91 Rallye racing Comparison Carrera Cup and C 4 Lightweight
Jul-91 Auto Motor und Sport Porsche Pur
Aug-91 Performance Car Porsche Carrera RS
Aug-91 Excellence The Throwback
Aug-91 Fast Lane Club Racer
Aug-91 Rallye racing Porsche Pur
16-Oct-91 Autocar & Motor Porsche 911 Carrera RS
Winter 1991 911 & Porsche World RS Re-Run
Nov-91 Car Raw Deal : Carrera RS
Nov-91 Auto Motor und Sport Driftiger Grund ( ) Road Test
Dec-91 Fast Lane Saturday Afternoon Special
Jan-92 Flat 6 Carrera RS
Jan-92 Flat 6 Carrera Cup: Un Plaisir Fou
Jan-92 Motorsport Same Fiddle Different Tune
Feb-92 Performance Car Return of the RS
Feb-92 World Sports Cars Less is More
Feb-92 Excellence Carrera 4 Lightweight
Spring 1992 Porsche Post Yes, Yes, Yes!
Mar-92 Christophorus Pink Lloyd (+ cup car report)
March 26 1992 Autosport A no-compromise rocket
May-92 sport auto Porsche Turbo S/ Carrera RS N/gt
May/June 92 911 & Porsche World RS v RS
Jun-92 Autoweek Holding up an Empty Cup
Jun-92 Excellence Cup Car for’92
Jul-92 Flat 6 Essai (epuise)
Aug-92 Flat 6 Comparatif avec une N/GT (epuise)
Aug-92 Flat 6 Carrera Cup: Malcher a L’arrachee
Aug-92 Excellence 911 RS America
Sep-92 Road &Track Road Test RS America
Dec-92 Flat 6 Essai version America(epuise)
Feb-93 Excellence Phantom of the Carrera Cup
Feb-93 Excellence Carrera Cup at Hockenheim
May-93 Porsche Panorama Light Weight Carrera Confusion
Jul-93 European Car Techart Carrera RS
Jul-93 European Car Supercup Champ
Aug-93 Performance Car The Wild One : Porsche Carrera RS 3.8
Oct-93 Flat 6 RS 3.6 – RS 3.8 Si Differentes
Oct-93 Car The Le Mans racers you can drive on the road

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