Long Time Coming

For some time I’ve been looking to find a set of wheels to save the standard RS mags. For even longer I’ve wanted a set of Dymag magnesium wheels but the factory wanted to sell them in three’s – no, not three wheels, three sets, 12 wheels!  No way was this  an affordable option.

Anyway time passes, for a while I had a set of Mille Miglia replicas – don’t really know why I sold them but I did. Then I bought some 18″ PWS Veloce speedline style, one piece replicas of 3 piece wheels. These were nice looking but some 25kg the set heavier than the RS wheels!

The weight worried me so  I kept looking and eventually found a set of Dymags, new old stock – 8″ and 9″ 17’s completely unused – but in the states! I looked at these for sometime,  worried about the import cost, whether they were genuine, whether they would fit!

8x17 Dymag on the front of the RS

Eventually  I bit the bullet, the vendor in the states was very helpful and the price – even with shipping and import duty was less than anything similar.

So finally a set of 8×17 and 9×17 wheels arrive, offset of 58mm caused a bit of thought but in fact the wheels were fitted with 2mm steel spacers. these were perfect for the front except that because the wheel centres were thicker than the Cup wheels the studs weren’t quite long enough!  This has been fixed by fitting 66mm wheel studs but it’s unsightly really. At the rear the wheel thickness again raised it’s head. Now I’d already got longer studs to accommodate the 18mm spacers I’ve been running with the Cup wheels so didn’t want to fit even longer ones. Solution (thanks to Robin at 9m) remove the 2mm shim and fit 15mm spacers.

So  that’s it, Dymags fitted and the good news  the fronts are 1kg per wheel lighter including the steel shim and the rears are 1/2kg lighter, a 3kg saving in unsprung weight. Bad news is that the Kumho V70’s I’ve fitted are relatively heavy – so more than half the weight saved has gone again!

That was a few months ago, have been very pleased with the results, the additional offset at the front, although making the car a little more ‘darty’ has lightened the steering! My only compaint is the way the Kumho’s pick up tiny stones, much more so than any similar track orientad tyre I’ve used – Oh well I guess some people are never satisfied!


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