Oversteer/ Understeer Table

This table provides a guide to the effect of various components.  It should only be seen as a guide The degree of change will vary and more importantly the ‘feel’ as each driver interperets it will vary.

Suspension Setup
Understeer Oversteer
More to front Weight Distribution More to rear
More Understeer Front Suspension  Component More Oversteer
Lower Front Tyre Pressure Higher
Stiffen (Thicker) Front Ant roll Bar Soften (Thinner)
Smaller Front Tyre Width Larger
Harder Front Shock Setting Softer
Toward Toe-In Front Wheel Alignment Toward Toe-Out
More Positive Front Wheel Camber More Negative
More Negative Front Wheel Caster More Positive
Heavier (stiffen) Front Spring Rate Lighter (soften)
Narrower Front Track Wider
Smaller Front Spoiler Larger
More Understeer Rear Suspension  Component More Oversteer
Higher Rear Tyre Pressure Lower
Soften (Thinner) Rear Anti roll Bar Stiffen (Thicker)
Larger Rear Tyre Width Smaller
Softer Rear Shock Setting Harder
Toward Toe-Out Rear Wheel Alignment Toward Toe-In
More Negative Rear Wheel Camber More Positive
Lighter (soften) Rear Spring Rate Heavier (stiffen)
Wider Rear Track Narrower
Larger,  more angle Rear Spoiler Smaller, or less angle
Straight line stability, slower to turn Quick turn-in, nervous
Faster turns  – more understeer desirable chuckability – more oversteer desirable
Understeer Oversteer

An example of how different people look for different thinks in this ‘feel’ can be illustrated by the following suggestions to roll bar settings for Spa.

Common roll bar setting for Spa tend to be (for a 964 RS) middle in the back (not full stiff) and full stiff at the front (or one off full stiff).
Though it is ultimately down to driving style, these settings are those used by most european regulars, for neutral behavior in the long curves, where most time is gained.
An alternative (from Paul Howells)  will provide great turn in for slow to mid-speed corners but could be “interesting” in Pouhon, Blanchimont and Raidillon.
Paul’s Dry settings: rear full stiff,front ,one off full stiff,if understeering,soften front one more hole,with rear still on full stiff.
Paul’s Wet settings: Front full soft,rear full soft, or on the rear disconnect one side, will cause understeer at limit of grip, instead of oversteer, safer for a slippery track.,until you get used to your car etc


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