It Just Gets Better

The latest copy of Excellence dropped through the door yesterday. I’ve always regarded this as the cream of Porsche mag’s, certainly the best English language one.  Now it’s got even better – how?  Well two things really, first the website has been redesigned and is now much more of a valuable resource. secondly and more importantly Chris Harris is now writing for them. Formally of Evo, Autocar and the much lamented online adventure “Drivers Republic” (real shame that disappeared – I’ve still got the sticker on the RS!).

There’s a lot of people writing about cars these days but sadly much of the material is repetitious and often contains silly errors (the whole topic of the quality of motoring journalism is worth another post at some point – for those of us raised on DSJ and LJKS things ‘ain’t got better!). But Chris is one of a limited band of new writers (I can say he’s new because I’m heading for bus-pass time!) who are enthusiastic, articulate and rigorous in what they write. In Chris’s case he’s also a fairly capable racer too. His first couple of articles look ,er, excellent! So looking forward to more, the report from the ‘ring 24hr should be good, one of Chris’s co-drivers is Walter R. himself, 964 RS owner and hero. It’s a shame Chris sold the green ST, that would have fitted into Excellence’s style beautifully.


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