964 RS Market Report

The need to get the car valued for insurance purposes prompted me to have a look at what’s currently for sale and at what price.

Now any review of car values needs a note of caution somewhere – to the effect that asking or advertised price and the actual sale price are not always related. Furthermore valuation for insurance needs to reflect the cost of work and the fact that some parts are now only available secondhand – NOS if your lucky.

You have been warned. Do not assume cars can always be bought or sold for the prices quoted here!

Ok, there are currently not that many cars on the market –Europe seems to have slowed somewhat due to general Euro worries but there are a few notables in the uk.

Pride of place probably has to go to the RHD lightweight at Cotswold Motor Group, with less than 3000miles on the clock.. It certainly looks good but is it worth £120,000? I’ll leave you to decide.

For myself I have two reservations about very low mileage cars, regardless of price.

First unless your going to lock it away entirely – which is a shame you feel a bit guilty about using such an ‘unused’ example. Secondly, it’s an 18 year old car with 18 year old seals etc – start giving it serious use and some rapid deterioration is probably to be expected.

So, probably one for the serious collector.

What else? A RHD lightweight in ‘monkey bum’ red with 70k miles at £500 under £70k. Said to be ex Porsche GB. If this really is the road test car J365 SMO  then it’s the subject of at least 7 magazine road tests. Presumably, it’s lead a quieter life in recent years – hence the reasonable mileage figure.

A search on http://www.mobile.de throws up 41 cars, including cup cars, replicas and look-alikes.

Clubsports seem to be more plentiful than lightweights at present.  Thomas Schmidt still has a number of remarkable low mileage or special cars but there currently aren’t that many cars out there. This is not unusual, spring and autumn tend to be the main selling times but the worlds financial problems are probably contributing.

The market does seem to have softened slightly – the exceptional cars are still rising but good average cars are available for prices pretty close to last year. I’m going to keep an eye on this to see if things start to move again by the autumn.


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