Autoart 964RS

I’ve more or less avoided collecting model cars. A mis-spent youth making plastic kits was a warning as to how easy it would be to get deep into this particular form of automotive addiction. More recently the fact that there were no RS models – just lots of 964 Cup cars.  Now I succumbed to half a dozen of these but didn’t get hooked. Then, very recently Spark (I think) brought out a 1:43 RS – very tempting! But just before Christmas Autoart released a 1:18th scale model, in four colours and most importantly in Guards Red. That was it – Santa was instructed to get one of these to the Hills of South Shropshire asap. It arrived just before Christmas from Grand Prix Legends

Modestly priced by some standards, at just under £100 this was vastly more than I’d ever spent on a model, but I can honestly say I’m not disappointed.

The detail is good, the interior particularly so. I was expecting a few errors but so far the only real disappointment is the front trunk space – which looks trimmed and the wrong shape. However, I’ll keep the front lid closed and delight in some of the things they got right: the asymmetric mirrors the door and seat detail, engine stickers and correct wheel/brake details.

A few things I’ll do to personalise it, correct number plates, black not silver exhaust tip and black not silver surround to the centre console switches.


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