American Carrera Cup 1992

The one that got away! Built for the cup series that never was, 45 standard RS’s but with US safety equipment were shipped to Andial in the USA.  Andial undertook to bring the cars up to race spec, but whilst this was underway the series was cancelled. Andial then undertook the conversion of these cars to road use.  In the end some 25 cars were converted to comply with US traffic regulations.

The cars were oroginally shipped to the US in a form that enabled them to comply with US Traffic regulations with the following:

Aluminium bonnet

Sound proofing and underseal deleted

Steel gear syncro rings

Revised struts and spring rates

Manual steering

Recalibrated brakes

Electrics Kill switch in the luggage compartment;

Partial electric Carrera Seats

No rear seats

No sunroof or a/c

Smaller battery/alternator

Race spec engine mounts

Adjustable anti roll bars

Seam welding

Engine rated at 256bhp.

So nearly an RS but slightly different to any of the European RS’s!

On arrival at Andial the cars were to be converted to race spec. as  follows:

Full roll cage Cup spec springs and dampers
Std seats replaced with a single Recaro Six point harness
Interior trim removed Front strut brace added
ABS on/off switch added Rear brake pressure regulator removed
Drivers window net installed Race exhaust fitted
Heater blower removed External electrical cut out fitted
Horns relocated Sintered clutch plate fitted
Studs drilled to accept non-tamper seals Front oil cooler fan removed

This was over 100 hours work per car for Andial.  Because of the cost involved convertion of the cars before and after export the price of the cars to competitors didn’t look particularly attractive. As a result Porsche found it hard to generate any real interest.  Who knows how much effort went into attracting additional sponsors to try and defray these costs  but with the short timescales involved it would certainly have been difficult.

Toyo were to sponsor the series.  Little heard of in Europe at the time, they contracted to supply their F1-SR, a z rated road tyre with racing compound.  How good this woulkd have been we don’t know but the later Toyo R888 has now become a favourite tyre with the 964RS community.


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