This is intended to be a source of information about the various versions of the Porsche 964 RS – Hopefully it will end up as more than that, in particular I hope that from the first there will be information of interest to other 964 owners and ultimately to all air-cooled Porsche owners. Why pick on the RS? Partly because it has become an iconic and much replicated version of the 911 but mostly because I’ve owned just such a car for nearly ten years now, haven’t tired of it and continue to find more out about it and it’s close relative.

Time has moved on, more information is available, the twentieth anniversary gets nearer! An updated version of the book will soon (how soon? – no idea!) be produced and much of the updating material will appear here first. In the meantime please browse around. Initial content will be largely historic but more current info will be added as time goes on, I also reserve the right to include “stuff” which I think will be of interest to fans of these cars!


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