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The recent rise in popularity of these cars

Twentieth Anniversary Update

Things are definitely happening!  Current plans are focused on two days of on track activities at Abbeville on June 15th, 16th and then some touring activities taking in the Sclumpf and Porsche museums .

The 964 Register has teamed up with Easytrack to run the trackday part of the festivities at Abbeville. More details to follow – or check out the PCGB 964RS forum.


Twentieth Anniversary

Belive it or not, next year will be the 20th anniversary of the launch of the 964 RS.

Ideas are circulating within the 964 RS register to make sure we mark this occasion in a fitting manner.

‘The Book’ was released to coincide with the 15th anniversary – that and a cake at the Silverstone meeting was about it. Twenty years is a bit more of a milestone so something rather more is called for.

Whatever the celebrations, a re-release of  ‘The Book’ is planned; revised, expanded and hopefully with colour and hardback binding. There’s also the possibility of something else rather special, more news as things get firmed up.

From the horses mouth

Porsches own web site now has a good section on the companies history and models. The page on the RS ( )  is pretty good no mention of the ficticious ‘lightweight’ here – just a good summary on the RS Coupe and the N/GT and a mention of the Touring. The RS America isn’t included here – but the picture above the piece is in fact an RS America!

The 3.8 RS of 1993 gets its own page which is equally good.

Linked from both these pages is a gallery of pictures grouped by years they include a Maritime Blue RS, Speed Yellow 3.8RS, Guards Red RS America.

The Last few years

For some years now these cars have developed a growing following, Initially it was simply that if you wanted a more competition oriented Porsche these cars delivered an awful lot for the money. As time has progressed that has become truer than ever – the later 996 and 997 GT3’s and GT3 RS’s don’t offer that much of a performance edge and need a lot more specialist attention. The criticism that the 964RS was too hard for the road is no longer seen as an issue – other cars with equally hard (or harder) suspension setup’s have come along. Above all they’re seen as perhaps the last iteration of the classic 911 shape – ok, the 993 RS is the last of the aircooled cars but these are rarer than the 964 and the shape has begun to mutate to the later longer and larger one of the 996. Perhaps the ultimate test, these cars are now the subject of replicas and imitations!