Memorabilia and Collectables

This is a sample of the collectibles (useful and otherwise) associated with the 964RS. It is neither a complete list (that’s half the fun) nor does it attempt to judge or rate the various items. It ‘s a window into what else  you can acquire to enhance your enjoyment, improve your knowledge or just prove how much of an RS fanatic you really are!

Magazines – the cars have been around now for over seventeen years which is longer than some of the magazines writing about them. My list currently runs to around 120 issues, including the odd cup car and RS America article.

The RS has a following in a number of countries so magazines from all over the world have covered the original launch, compared it to – well mostly other Porsches actually, produced buyers guides, and generally dissected the experience of buying and owning the cars. However you need to beware, there are a number of articles from magazines that should know better which contain mistakes or are just plain wrong.

From a personal view-point I regard Christophorus (some stilted German/English translations), and Excellence (from the US) as pretty reliable, but my own rule of thumb is to look for authors I know who write authoritatively or have long-term experience of the cars. In to this category I would include Jerry Sloniger and Ian Kuah. Walter Röhrl and Richard Meaden are both owners which increases their credibility!   In fairness though some of the more recent magazines are doing a great job.

One particular twist on collecting magazines is to collect any with your own car featured.

Brochures – The UK brochure “A Legend…” is a small multi page uk brochure covering the Lightweight and Touring models but no date of publication. Don’t know this was available world wide – or if not what the alternatives were.

RS America brochure, (1993), of some supplementary interest, this is a multi page A4 colour brochure but doesn’t mention the earlier RoW cars.
A Porsche Technik brochure WVK 100 906 00 from 1993 covers a range of performance and cosmetic upgrades for the 964 range and the 968. The one I have is virtually a list of prices and part numbers in an A5 cover – this can be particularly frustrating with things like “Widened rear track (std for 928GT, fits all Carrera 2/4, RS)”  no dimensions but if you have a parts book – PSP 911 361 00 may be a help.
A collection of contemporary road tests was available at dealers entitled Porsche Supercar Press Impressions. This contains road tests properly reproduced  (not simple photocopies) for 911 Turbo, 928 GTS, Carrera RS (from Autosport 26/3/1992 this); Carrera 4 (longterm test – also Autosport I think); Carrera RS Test Extra (Autocar & Motor 16/10/91); Carrera 4 (Autosport); 928GTS (Autocar); Carrera 2 Tiptronic (Autocar & Motor).
Press release, multi page A4 – the source of photos and information for early magazine articles on the car.

History Books – The RS appears in lots of good general Porsche books.  Karl Ludvigsen’s definitive ‘Excellence Was Expected’ and Paul Frere’s Porsche 911 Story are probably two of the best.  Although focused on the 2.7 RS there is an excellent piece on the 964 RS in ‘Carrera RS’ by Gruber and Konradsheim (out of print and it’ll cost you more than a set of tyres for either English or German versions). The ‘bible’ for all 964 owners is Adrian Streathers ‘Enthusiasts Companion’.  Jurgen Barth has recently released a 3 volume Porsche Book covering pretty much everything. I haven’t had chance to look at this yet but based on his other books and factory credentials it should be good – hope to get my hands on a copy soon.

Technical Reference Books –Essential technical info is contained in the Service Information Technik WKD 497 610 (German) 497 620 (English) – originals and photocopies available on Ebay.

The other major reference is the Technical Specifications pocket book WKD 423 920 this covers the whole 964 range (cup cars excepted – naturally!). This truly is a mine of info and something Porsche no longer produces for its later models.
The factory workshop manual is probably the ultimate reference – but make sure you have all the right bits (and really any subsequent supplements).
Porsche 911 Enthusiast’s Companion: Carrera 2, Carrera 4, and Turbo 1989-1994 Adrian Streather (worth an entry in both categories)

Clothing – In this category there is very little – certainly very little official stuff!

When the cars were new Porsche produced a range of sweat shirts badged Porsche these were in the RS colours.

To coincide with the launch of the RS and the 964 Speedster Steve Kevlin at Porsche GB commissioned 100 American Varsity style jackets with the Carrera RS logo, these were in black and made of Melton wool cloth with black leather sleeves. Even rarer were the 50 Speedster jackets these had green leather sleeves. Both these styles were only officially sold in the UK but a number of factory personnel were known to acquire them on visits.  They do occasionally appear on Ebay.


Here it is the Cup car owners who have more choice, with some excellent posters advertising both the series and the winners

These are a sample, generally there were a least two posters per year.

Pins –Much less interest in these in the UK than in other parts of Europe. Again more cup cars At least 6, Red, Green, Blue, Black,  White, Rubystone and Yellow (labelled Dunlop). In the US the pins were available in sets of three, whether the same is true in europe I don’t know.

RS pins were available from Porsche Dealers these were in Black but a numbered series of 150 were made in Red and issued within Porsche. Again all these appear occasionally on that online auction site! Others do appear particularly in France where there is a whole industry around pin collecting. Suffice it to say that if you’re interested, online auctions are a good starting point!


Models – Ok, this is not really my subject.

It is a huge area where it is possible to spend anywhere between a few pence and thousands of pounds on a single model. It is also a complete minefield in which to make sweeping statements to as there are many small modelling companies releasing limited production models and even bespoke one offs. So I think I’ll leave the whole thing for a separate update!

I’m still not ready to dive into collecting models but I’ve just bought this


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